How to stop food cravings!

How to stop food cravings!

Shaving the Food Cravings!

-“Super Brain” by Deepak Chopra

These strong feelings called cravings can make any dieter a failure. Research tells us that cravings light up the same pleasure and emotion-driven areas of the brain that are activated by cocaine and nicotine.The important thing is to know your triggers and how to avoid them.  When a craving does strike, have your plan ready so you can stay in your rational mind and ride it out− eat sensibly and feel a sense of control.

The following suggestions will help:

  1. Practice “out of sight, out of mind.” Keep them out of your house.
  2. Don’t watch commercials. Tape shows and fast-forward commercials. Create your own affirmation such as, “I eat only healthy foods.”
  3. Eat healthy food throughout the day. This will improve blood sugar, control, and provide the nutrients needed for proper brain chemistry.
  4. Be aware of the stages cravings go through. They will pass in about 15-20 minutes. Focus on something else, drink a glass of water, or take a short walk.
  5. Use the executive part of your brain. Practice mindfulness eating daily – brings your attention back to what you are doing.
  6. Watch your sugar intake. It may be your comfort food, but it can trigger all sorts of cravings. Satisfy your body with fresh organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy protein. This will help balance your blood sugar and stabilize your energy levels, appetite, and mood.
  7. Get enough exercise and sleep. This will help you maintain a normal hormonal balance which helps with mental clarity to focus. This is needed not only to maintain a healthy weight but an overall healthy lifestyle.

Deepak Chopra, MD, says in his book, “Super Brain,” that when you have trained your brain to recognize emotions, impulses, and the non-satisfaction attached to overeating, you reach a turning point where you are confident about using your brain instead of letting it use you.  You will easily choose not to overeat!

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Do Less

Accomplish More

The day flies by and at the end, there’s something missing.  You’ve checked many things off your “to do” list and yet that seems like a hollow victory.  You’re not satisfied with the day and what you’ve accomplished.

While many may feel this way from time to time, in my early years, this nagging feeling was always present.  At the age of 26, I was an industrial engineer working for a Fortune 100 company in the Lehigh Valley.  My friends and family thought I had it made. I was young, drove a hot sports car, had a good income and was upwardly mobile in a major corporation.   And yet every workday I was counting the hours till I could leave work and begin my life.

The inner me was sick, maybe dying.  Then one evening, with nothing else to do, I accompanied a friend to a lecture about meditation.  The teacher presenting the talk told us that there’s something missing in most people’s lives.  He said what’s missing isn’t “out there” in the world, it’s inside!

Was I looking for contentment and satisfaction in the wrong places?  I was climbing the ladder of success at work, but was it against the wrong wall?  I was trying to be a good engineer, a good employee, a good son and a good friend.  There was lots of pressure and it was tiring.  My employer, for example, told me that I needed to spend a minimum of 10 hours a day at work if I wanted to get ahead. 

In desperation and with hope, I followed up on my gut instinct that night and enrolled in the meditation course. Almost immediately, I experienced a significant shift toward greater happiness and well-being. Two years later, I found myself enrolling in a year-long training program to become a meditation teacher.   

In training, our teacher frequently told us that we were learning to “do less and accomplish more.” Just sit, close your eyes and be still.  Inside you will find the peace and contentment that you have always desired.  It’s our essence, pure awareness, and it’s found at the source of thought.  Life is not meant to be a struggle. Make a practice of returning to the quiet mind every day. The positive influence on the quality of your life will be magical. 

Let me know if I can help.   

Greg Schweitzer, Director of Stress Reduction Resources and Effortless Meditation™ Instructor for more than 30 years



The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Each of us is made up of many interactive systems. Being healthy in mind and body happens when these systems work together harmoniously.  Often, we humans separate one part of one system and work on it to make it function better.  This is not the best route to take because it does not take care of the whole problem and the whole problem is the problem.

Almost everyone, sooner or later, has a lower back ache.  Is it purely caused by the muscles, nerves and bones in your lower back? No! There are many interactive mental and physical systems which cause it to exist. Since we use the same body to express our mood, attitude, and meaning and things like anxiety and anger cause tension in our muscles, the psychosomatic (mind-body) connection is always involved. Moreover, like the truth of the old song, “the knee bone is connected to the..,” no part of the body acts in isolation from the rest.

Back aches can be caused or made worse from stress, the way you walk and stand, a
nutritional problems, overweight, etc.  All your systems and parts are always working together. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts!  The integration of the body and mind systems and parts can be addressed to become healthier.

Experts from various holistic disciplines at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center work together to improve the “whole self.” Our programs address stress, emotions, nutrition, lifestyle, movement, alignment, energy, and so much more. Applying this added power of an “integrative approach” to a physical, mental, emotional concern will assure your success!

Betsy Wetzig, Originator of Coordination Pattern™ Breakthru Training