Help for My Muscles – Finally!

Help for My Muscles – Finally!

With the Multimaster Pilates Table

by Carolyn Reese

The warning from a Polio specialist in the 50’s was to not over-tax my muscles or I would lose the strength of the muscles affected by the Polio virus. But, as most of us do, I went on with life not believing that would happen to me.  However, the weakness crept up slowly and is now to the point that I need to use an electric scooter if I want to go any distance; for short distances I use a cane.

An amazing electronic table called the Multimaster Pilates, a power assisted exercise and rehabilitation machine, is now giving me the hope for stronger muscles and easier walking that I thought I would never have again.

Physical therapy couldn’t help. It was too strenuous and I wasn’t able to improve fast enough for the insurance to cover it.  I have tried other exercises and always seemed to end up in pain and discouraged, and consequently stopped doing them. So, where does that leave me?  I have admitted that I’m tired of trying and just want to go on with life the best I can – even working daily at my business of owning and managing a large holistic health center.  I have jokingly been accused of building my own old-age rehab.  Even with all the good intentions of the practitioners, I still have major muscle weakness in my legs and core muscles.

Recently, I found out about toning tables. One of the practitioners, who has helped me over the years, and I did some research and found a company in England that makes the Multimaster Pilates Table.

What a coincidence that the table was developed in the 1930’s by Bernard Stauffer, a physiotherapist, whose wife suffered from Polio. He wanted to find a way of improving her mobility, flexibility and circulation without having to spend a lot of time massaging and manipulating her each day…and it worked!

Since then it has been on the cutting edge of health care – especially in Europe.

The unbelievable advantage of this table is that it provides power assisted exercise and rehabilitation.  It works at my ability, passively or actively at multiple speeds with no muscle strain and no fatigue.  Wow!  For my needs, one can’t get any better than that.  I just lie on the table and for 3 or 6 minutes, depending on which program is I choose, the table moves me.  How can that help if I’m not doing the “grunt work?”

On this electronic machine, the muscles are exercised in a semi-passive state, known as Continuous Passive Motion or CPM, which works through repetitive, isokinetic movements to isolate muscle groups.  These slow, continuous, smooth, and controlled workouts can even improve my overall health – physically, mentally and emotionally.

This Multimaster Pilates Table is suitable for people who

  • Lack or want to improve muscle tone, strength, endurance and range of motion
  • Want to lose weight
  • Use cross training to improve their favorite sport or exercise approach
  • Need to manage or rehabilitate physical challenges
  • Want new innovative ways to deal with stress and improve their mind

Over the years, the benefits of this machine have been proven again and again.

This way of exercising can help manage and rehabilitate many health conditions, including MS, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, mobility issues, post-stoke, issues of aging and so much more.

Research at Oklahoma State University showed that 78 year olds exercising on this equipment for just 30 minutes, 2 times a week for 10 weeks resulted in

  • 34% increased leg and 30% arm strength
  • 50% improved muscle strength,
  • 22% increased mobility, agility
  • 33% increased balance
  • improved emotional benefits

 This shows an amazing amount of improvement in just 10 weeks.

I have been on this table now a couple times a week for several weeks and when I get off, I walk so much easier. People have noticed that my gait has improved and I’m just getting started.  I can say that the Multimaster Pilates Table is on its way to giving me back a much more productive, fun and healthier life.  There is nothing greater than “hope” for the future and that is another gift the table is giving me.

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