A Gut Feeling

A Gut Feeling

Twin Ponds celebrateLaunches a Decade of Growth

by Carolyn J. Reese                 

Listening to my “gut feeling” ten years ago has helped many people with stress, physical aches and pains, along with mental and emotional challenges.  The message I received from my gut was that it would be very convenient to have highly-trained holistic practitioners collaborating under one roof for natural health and wellness. This was very appealing to me because I not only knew that I needed it, but I felt as though our community could also benefit from such a place. This realization wasn’t slow, but an “aha moment” that came like a bolt of lightening – a gut feeling, an intuition that I knew I wanted, and needed to act upon it.

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center was opened with a hand full of holistic practitioners and over the last ten years has grown to more than twenty experts in their various fields of natural health modalities. This Center has become one of our country’s most diverse holistic health centers. It continues to grow and always welcomes additional practitioners to join our team.

Our holistic practitioners are committed to facilitating a way of life that moves one towards vitality, optimum wellness and awareness. In our safe, supportive environment, people can learn natural healing techniques to address:

  • pain, joint and muscles
  • stress, sleep difficulties and relaxation
  • optimal brain function
  • nutrition and lifestyle support
  • emotional distress of anger, fear, guilt and sadness
  • disease and illness
  • success in all areas of life

The real blessing of the Center is not only the dedicated practitioners, but all the clients and patients who have come to achieve health maintenance, improve their lives and recover from illness or pain.

Our “Coming Events” to help with these issues are:

 Our future looks bright with New Events in the planning:

  • Retreat Days: Programs designed for Individuals, Corporations and Organizations
  • Food & Lifestyle Support Program

Our practitioners believe in holistic health that considers the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit and collaborate to help our clients become healthier.

Albert Einstein once said that intuition is our most valuable asset, and one of our most unused senses. He described it as “a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of something.” Sometimes it is referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice, or spiritual guide.

If your “gut” talks to you, don’t ignore it! It is a powerful message and can be a big blessing to you and others as well.  I believe my whole life prepared me to open Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, but it was listening to my “gut” that launched this amazing place for healing.

Join us to Celebrate our Decade of Growth

Sunday, October 22, 1:00-4:00 pm



Is There Untapped Power in Your Voice?

VoiceDo you know that you can increase your energy, become more calm and focused, and release pain and tension – all with the sound of your own voice? 

Make Sound!

We are wired for vocal expression; we’re supposed to make sound. As infants we came into the world wailing and then spent years learning to be quiet.  Sometimes, those lessons were less than ideal.

How many times in your life was there a command to be quiet? How well did you learn to stuff your feelings? How often did hold your tongue because it wasn’t safe or because no one would pay attention anyway?  And, were you someone who was told you can’t or shouldn’t sing?

Toning is a process to begin to free your voice – to free your bodyvoice.  It starts with audible sighs, yawns, and groans. Letting yourself make sound, giving yourself permission to sound sends a message of freedom to your body. You may be surprised by what comes out.

frustrated_at_my_desk_800_clr_8478Creating a resonant sound with your voice can relieve pain.  The next time you feel a headache coming on, instead of reaching for a bottle of pain reliever, find a pitch that resonates or vibrates in your head and gently tone on “ee.”  If you’re feeling grouchy, add a smile, even if you really don’t feel like smiling, and see what happens.

Your journey to free yourself begins here.