About Us

From my own life experiences, I learned that one could greatly be helped by practitioners working with natural, holistic modalities where, in many cases, the western medicine doctors weren’t able to. One day, I realized how convenient and sensible it would be if such holistic practitioners could work under one roof collaborating for my wellness and the wellness of others. A vision was born!

It took over a year to find the right place, but the wait was worth it. This property has a wonderful-relaxing energy and our building, with its many purpose rooms, is decorated to feel welcoming. It is a tiny piece of paradise on a little country road conveniently located near major highways. I love to look at the old trees and beautiful birds in the grove out front. There is a satisfaction I feel when I see our clients making friends, having fun, enjoying nature, or savoring a cup of tea in our homey kitchen or on our patio. It all contributes to the well-being the center has to offer. Still, within this wonderful place the real blessing is all the highly educated and seasoned practitioners who come to treat their clients. They have helped it evolve into a center where people come to experience health maintenance, improve their lives and recover from illness or pain. This center has grown and grown, and its healing modalities and experts are so diverse they address the whole person – mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

It is gratifying to think how far the center has come to being accepted by the allopathic American health practices. However, the most rewarding part is the number of people who are accepting natural health modalities, thus regaining their health and living more productive lives. Recently, a woman who had gone to at least five medical specialists and could not be helped was directed to Twin Ponds Center by one of these allopathic doctors. After listening to her, I felt confident that she could be helped by our natural modalities. It was a moment of great pride for me and the Twin Ponds Center practitioners to know that the medical community was beginning to have confidence in us.


The Center may have been my dream, but it has now taken on an energy and vision of its own. Every day I am amazed at what happens here. Its success really comes from the practitioners and all the clients who now have faith in holistic healing modalities. Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center may be one of our country’s largest holistic health centers. My vision was meant to become a reality and it has been an amazing experience watching it unfold.

Carolyn J. Reese