Barbara Kopystecki

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Barbara Kopystecki, MHP, MA received her master’s in Philosophy from the Pennsylvania State University, Family Therapy Training at Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP from NLP Comprehensive, Boulder Colorado, and Certification in Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Center, Brookline Massachusetts.

In the twenty years that Barbara has been practicing psychotherapy with families, adults and children of all ages, she has witnessed the tremendous capacity of our relationships to hurt or heal us.

Barbara has extensive experience understanding how difficult experiences of all kinds affect our lives and how we can move beyond their influence over us. Throughout these twenty years of practice, she continues to be amazed at our resiliency in the face of adversity and our innate capacity to heal. Barbara’s work is activating this healing capacity with clients who suffer from the effects of anxiety, depression, traumatic memories, an inability to manage intense emotions and other constraints to experiencing a happy and healthy life.

Empowering clients to transform their difficult relationships is a main area of Barbara’s focus: parent-child, couple, extended family, business relationships. Barbara is also experienced in assisting clients to successfully navigate challenging life situations: separation and divorce, illness, grief and loss among others.

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