Better Communication for my Valentine!

Better Communication for my Valentine!

Connie’s body was tight and her biggest complaint was that her back hurt when she started attending my  classes and learned exercises that released the tension in her body and her back pain.  But for Connie,  a more important bonus was the “behavioral aspect” of my Pattern Training. It offered a way for her to understand why she and other people behave the way they do.   So, Connie took the gift of this Training to her special “Valentine” and husband, Matt.  Now, they not only use the physical aspects of the Training, but have come to enjoy the Training’s “Breakthru” of improved communication, and a better understanding of themselves, and the dynamics of family life.

Connie told me, “Your knowledge about the mind-movement link is powerful.  I have found that for understanding ourselves and each other (my husband and I), the Training has not only helped us through our struggling times, but has also supported us in appreciating our differences.” Then she said, “Let me give you an example. You taught me that the dominant Pattern of my mind and movement is Swing, which means that I can be spontaneous, quick to process, and playful. My husband uses more Shape Pattern, and thus is more slow, methodical and practical. I have learned to honor his process and push only a little. When we disagree on something, I give him his space to process before we work things out. When we make big decisions, he slows me down which allows me to process more deeply so I can then get in touch with my feelings and be sure about my decision.”

And with a smile she added “I’m glad my husband and I aren’t alike.  We enjoy and appreciate each other the more we understand ourselves and each other. Good communication is so rewarding!  It makes being in a relationship more interesting and fulfilling.”

Then after she thought for a moment she said, “This Coordination Pattern “Breakthru” Training has been effective and helpful knowledge that we have applied not only to our “Valentine” relationship, but now also in the raising of our children.”

Betsy Wetzig, Founding Director of Coordination Pattern “Breakthru” Training and Full Potential Learning

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