Energy Healing

How We Create

During this time where perhaps there are so many unanswered questions, how do we take care of ourselves?  We may find the tendency while going through something very challenging to resort to unhealthy patterns. This is the time where we need to become stronger, more resilient.  How can we do this when we may feel fear, sadness, frustration?  Give yourself permission to feel the emotions as they arise. The acknowledgment will often transmute the intensity of the emotion.

We can also open the energy around the feeling by bringing what is known as ‘higher frequencies’ into our awareness.  This can be achieved by an activity such as:

  • walking outdoors
  • yoga
  • stretching movements
  • deep breathing exercises
  • we can also include a devotion of meditation and journaling
  • there are so many profoundly gifted souls providing guided meditations as well as higher frequency music available on YouTube.

How we come through this unprecedented time in history needs to be our responsibility. We can collectively put out a strong message that we deserve to have our needs met along with our freedoms.  Our physical and emotional bodies are being over-whelmed and having a regime that invites renewed health and joy into our lives is vital.

Each day may bring different emotional feelings that need attending and if we have gathered numerous resources, our bodies will be continually restored.  This is the time we are being asked to truly be with ourselves and excavate what we carry within our emotional world.  And if we are unwilling to allow ourselves to feel and notice what is present, we may miss the opportunity to learn more about Who We Are.  Please dear friends, take care of yourself so we can come through much stronger than when we entered.    

Diane DuPre’, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher