Intuitive Energy Healing

Diane Du Pre’

Physical Healing & Conscious Living
On some level we are all searching for connection.  But in order to fully connect with others in the greatest capacity, we must do the work from the only place we can, and that is within.  The journey of healing is truly about connecting to one-self.

At this time on earth, we have the privilege of understanding:

  • more about ourselves
  • why we make the choices we do
  • what shapes our beliefs
  • the importance of transcending what is no longer useful

The beauty of energy-work is not only opening pathways in our body on a physical level to invite healing of disease, imbalance and emotional distress but also the process of discovering a more conscious way to live.

Our physical form is surrounded by a matrix of vibrational energy.  This field of energy envelops the human form and holds a template that communicates through the body to let us know what is not in balance. It is our blueprint that contains and records every emotion and situations along with traumas.  When we learn to work with this energy field, the possibilities for renewed outcomes become endless.  We have incarnated this lifetime for very important reasons.

Diane guides people to create conscious, life-altering choices by combining her:  Intuitive abilities · Energy work · Spiritual coaching

Diane has been trained in several different healing modalities, including intuitive healing, energy medicine, therapeutic touch, empowerment coaching, mystical healing and shamanism. For the past several years, Diane has studied present conscious awareness and deep self-inquiry with spiritual teacher, Miranda MacPherson and with the Mystic, Thomas Hubl. Diane apprenticed with Cyndi Dale and Anodea Judith, renown authors of the chakra system, intuitive healers, and internationally recognized teachers of energy medicine.

Diane further developed her coaching skills and received her certification from The Empowerment Institute. She studied shamanism under don Oscar Mir-Quesada, an internationally acclaimed Peruvian Shaman, ceremonialist. and healer along with Sandra Ingerman, world recognized Shaman of delving into the invisible world. Diane holds a master level in energy healing and a fourth-degree mastership in Reiki. She has blended her abilities from her Native American heritage as well as her twenty five years of training and apprenticing with several gifted healers from indigenous cultures.

Diane has had a private practice since 1997 and works with clients and groups on a daily basis, serving as an intuitive coach and energy healer.