Move with Ease

Neuromuscular Massage: $75/1 hour treatment
This relaxing massage helps to release spasms, referred pain, assist blood and lymphatic flow, restore postural alignment, and flexibility to tissues.
Call: John Ezaki, BS, LMT | Neuromuscular Therapist, AMTA Certified, 610-462-6103     

Low Level Laser Therapy: $75/3 treatments
This cold, inexpensive light treatment is painless and helps with a vast number of conditions − especially good for inflammation, swelling, scar tissue, helps relieve acute and chronic joint pain, improve wound and soft tissue healing, and reduce inflammation.
Call:  Jeanne Mancinelli, BA, AAS, LMT | 610-393-9676  Or John Ezaki, BS, LMT | 610-462-6103

Multimaster Pilates Toning Table*: $80/1 hour private session with trainer
Lie down and enjoy relaxation while getting a full body workout! Movement analysis with Coordination Pattern™ Training and the “Power Assisted Exercise & Rehabilitation Machine” help with muscle tone, strength, endurance, range of motion, weight loss and more. Research has shown strength to be increased 50% using the Table twice a week for 10 weeks, with each body part moving only 3-6 minutes each. * DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR HAVE A PACEMAKER
Call: Betsy Wetzig, BA, CCPT | Coordination Pattern™ & Dynamics Training, 610-398-9652

Authentic Movement: $90/private session
A powerful, contemplative movement practice that helps you slow down, become more present to who you are, and supports you moving forward with more conscious awareness. This allows you to experience less stress, feel more grounded, calm and centered with enhanced mental clarity and
Call: Suzanne Hastie, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC | Dance Movement Therapist, 610-417-0831

Tai Chi Easy™: $88/8 classes
Activate the healer within so your natural healing capacity can work with your body and mind to heal conditions that interfere with your well-being.
Call: Barbara Kopystecki, MA, MHP | Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, 484-554-4601        

Yoga: $75/6 Kripalu classes
Develop a deeper self-awareness that will help you perform daily activities pain free and with greater ease. The many benefits of Kriplau yoga include reduced tension, hyperactivity, anxiety, increased relaxation, alleviation of depression, improved posture, greater strength and flexibility.
Call: Carol Siddiqi BS, GCFP, RYT | The Feldenkrais® Method, 610-683-3406

Cold Stone Massage: $40/30 min. treatment
The coolness of the cold stones on the face, neck and shoulders helps eliminate stress headaches, migraines, and sinus pressure by decreasing inflammation and pain. Essential Oils can be added for individual needs.
Call: Jeanne Mancinelli, BA, RN, AAS, LMT | Tranquil Massage, 484-393-9676

Package Total $497 ($523 value!)