Celebrating a Decade of Growth

Twin Ponds Center is proud to announce –
ten years of service to the Lehigh Valley and surrounding communities.

~ one of our country’s most diverse holistic health centers ~

Twin Ponds celebrate


Join us for our 10th Anniversary Open House
Parkinson’s Disease Fundraiser
(Carbon & Lehigh County Support Groups)

Sunday, October 22, 2017
1:00 – 4:00 pm

We invite you, your family and friends to join us for a Fun Day!


Parkinson’s Donations in memory of Alice Miller,
a native of Lehigh Valley and internationally known philanthropist.

 Guest speaker: Joan Moran, Alice’s sister


One Place for Natural Health & Lifestyle Changes

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center was started with the idea of having one place where people of all ages could have their health needs met – under one roof for convenience where the integrative approach to holistic health would be practiced. It was also designed to be a place where one could learn, with the help of holistic practitioners, how to free the mind and heal the body.

 A Challenge

Opening a new business with a new concept for health and wellness ten years ago was a challenge, however, a very rewarding one!  The public is learning that many of these modalities have been handed down for centuries and that they do offer a natural way of healing.

Our society is also learning how important it is to look at the person as a whole and address the underlying causes of an illness or a disease in order for healing to take place. The fact that people can heal themselves naturally is a new concept to many in this part of the world.  Even though the medical profession calls these methods “complementary or alternative,” Twin Ponds Center prefers to use the words “holistic or natural.”

Growth of the Center

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center is now one of our country’s most diverse holistic health centers. It opened ten years ago with a handful of highly–trained practitioners and has grown to twenty two experts in their various fields of natural health modalities – and continues to grow!

We Now Offer Private Sessions, Classes, Workshops & Retreats

  • Counselors / Psychotherapists
  • Meditation Instructor
  • Food, Nutrition, Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Consultants
  • Movement Instructors
    (Coordination Pattern™ Training, Feldenkrais Method® of Movement, Tai Chi/Qigong, Yoga)
  • Massage & Body/Energy Work Therapists
  • Cutting Edge Therapies
    (emWave2® − HeartMath Biofeedback, Cold Laser Therapy,     Multimaster Pilates Table, Vibroacoustic & Brainwave Entrainment, Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging)

Our Future

We are excited to have workshops and retreats planned well into 2018, and are in the process of developing retreats for individuals, corporations and organizations.