Luminous Energy Medicine and Well-Being Practice

“There comes a moment when healing concludes and evolution begins. Let’s get started.”

— Smiling Shaman


I will stand by you 100% as you embark on your healing journey.

I will walk with you 100% as you navigate your healing journey.

I will hold space for you 100% when you stumble on your healing journey.

I will hold my own space 100% and refrain from taking on your stuff so that you receive the most benefit from your healing journey.

I will share with you the power tools I myself have received to facilitate your healing journey.

I will maintain the highest vision for your well-being as you dream your new world into being.

I will bid you a joyful farewell when Life invites you to take flight and thrive.

Shamanic Services and Potential Outcomes:

In my experience, there are three basic reasons to employ the services offered by a Shamanic Healing Practitioner: Prevention, Protection and Progress. For instance, the Bands of Power help to protect your personal energy field by filtering out heavy energies, intrusive entities and unsolicited negative influences while still allowing positive life experiences and energies to freely enter and nurture you and your journey. However, if there is already a seed of imbalance; imprint, blockage, trauma or entity lodged within the energy blueprint of the body, Illuminations are a great way to do some energetic deep cleansing and clearing to prevent the manifestation of unwanted experiences.  And finally, when you are ready to let go of the past and call in your next best self, a fire ceremony provides an opportunity for rapid transformation and progress towards your soul’s destiny.

Through private work sessions and upon completing the recommended “homework”, a client can stride through limiting beliefs and habits and come out feeling lighter, clearer and ready for more life. At that point, the path is clear and space is made for manifesting exactly what one wants.

I invite you to explore the work I currently offer:



Reset the body’s fight, flight or freeze stress response and return the energy system to its natural state of rest, digest and play, a state in which the body, mind and spirit are capable of healing themselves. An outstanding basic care and preventative energy medicine technique for those who tend to hold stress in their energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

Illuminations for Imprints

A site-specific clearing of unwanted attractor energies within the energy body and the subsequent filling of that site with the most refined and light of energies. With the clearing of unwanted attractor energies, we prevent the same types of circumstances, relationships, jobs, random events, etc. that have plagued us for years.

Illuminations for Hucha

A site-specific clearing of hucha, heavy or incompatible energies, within the energy body and the subsequent filling of that site with the most refined and light of energies. Once fully manifested, heavy or incompatible energies can take the form of unpleasant physical, mental or emotional conditions, destructive habits, imbalanced relationships and any number of things that “weigh on us” in one way or another.  Clearing such energies on the energetic level can prevent manifestation in the physical.


The energetic removal of crystalized energies (though as of yet not materialized) or, in other cases, parasitic energetic entities.

Soul Retrievals

When trauma, unexpected tragedy, or deep frights take place, it is not uncommon for a part of the soul to split off and seek refuge deep in the heart of the Soul World. In a Soul Retrieval, the Shamanic Practitioner travels to that place of refuge to find that soul part and to bring it back, provided the client is willing to do the work to create a place of refuge for it within their earthbound energetic body and life.

Mindfulness Instruction

Stillness and self-reflection practices are powerful and very accessible tools to maximize and maintain the benefit of energetic adjustments. These are part of the “homework” I assign rather than services I provide. “Doing the work” on a daily basis is both preventative of unwanted experiences and nurturing of the life experiences we deeply desire.


A quick energy body clearing and protection which lasts 5-6 days. Kuttis are especially useful when faced with hostility, whether it be at work, home, in a physical location that needs its own energetic clearing or after being “slimed” by someone else’s energetic baggage.

Bands of Protection

Ancient Rites that establish energetic “smart-boundaries” that serve the recipient for life. These rites are part of the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki.

Healers Rites

Also part of the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki, the Healers Rites connect the recipient to vast lineages of shamans, healers and sages who have walked and completed their sacred healing journeys. These light beings offer guidance and protection to those who claim responsibility for and actively participate in their own sacred, healing journey.

Personal/Group Sacred Journey Courses

There is no better protection than doing one’s own work. These programs will take different forms. One such form is the 13-month Wolf Women Brunch series. Another is the 9 weeks of the Rites of the Munay-Ki. Please inquire for more information.

Space Clearings

The energetic housecleaning of a home, work space or land to clear out heavy, stale and otherwise less than useful energy, including souls who have yet to successfully cross over and thus remain tied to a physical place.

Kutti Despachos and Fire Ceremony

A Peruvian clearing bundle ceremony in which we offer the heaviest and most incompatible of energies from each participant.  The Kutti Despacho is burned by the Shamanic Practitioner alone as an offering to the Pachamama, Earth Mother, who receives our waste energies as compost and food for sprouting new life. Includes fire ceremony.

This ceremony is appropriate for situations in which heavy energy is manifesting in the form of constant “bad luck”, recurring “accidents” or other persistent undesirable events, circumstances or occurrences.

Flower Baths

A sacred ritual bath with specially selected flower petals and holy water to cleanse the entire energy body. My personal experience of this left me feeling like a newborn baby, or young child, in the loving hands of a nurturing Mother/Father. Flower baths can be performed independently, as well as proceed or follow other healing techniques. A gentle way to nurture a radiation treated body.

Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony allows us to quickly achieve desired energetic results in the same way that fire allows a piece of wood to transform back into energy much more quickly than if it was left to decompose on its own.  The Shamanic Practitioner builds, lights and tends the Sacred Fire, and assists participants to make their offerings in a good way.

Ayni Despachos and Fire Ceremony

A Peruvian gratitude bundle ceremony in which we give breath and voice to our gratitude for all the elements of the seen and unseen world, such as the sun, the oceans, abundant crops, the stars, mountains, rivers, love, companionship, money, and on and on. All of these objects of gratitude are represented by various items such as sea shells, gold foil, glitter, raisins, and so on, and are lovingly and with great attention arranged within a wrapping paper by the Shamanic Practitioner.

The Ayni Despacho is either burned, buried or put in a body of water by the Shamanic Practitioner and participants, depending on the intention of the despacho. Traditionally, the intention of an Ayni Despacho is to call in good crops, a good job, a relationship, or any number of other things we may want in our lives or in the life of our families and communities.

Space and/or Event Blessing Ceremony

Whether celebrating a new space of business or home, or welcoming a new member into the family, a blessing ceremony calls in the most refined and light of energies to power up place and people, as well as desired outcomes.

Commissioned Ceremony

When you would like to create a personal ceremony or rite of passage, we will work together to create a unique ceremony specifically tailored to your needs.

Death Rites

A beautiful ceremony for individuals and families facing the death of a loved one, whether imminent or recent, or even ancestral.  Also useful in exploring one’s own relationship to death and the soul’s journey.

“Jenny is one of the most beautiful people I know – inside and out. The work she has done, and is doing, on herself and others is a testament to courage, compassion and goodness. It was an honor for me to participate in several despacho ceremonies that she has performed and I left with a sense of peace and renewal.”

— Kathleen

”Jennifer Craig is one of those rare individuals that effortlessly and selflessly pours her heart and soul into everything she does leaving lasting and positive impressions on everything and everyone she touches”.”

— S. Staitman


Your incredible ability to reach beyond the obvious, the willingness to address issues head-on and your unique ability to tune into one’s personal feelings and emotions is truly amazing. Your wisdom underlies your personal strength and integrity. I am more than fortunate that you were willing to share that with me.”

— R. Gyory


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