Suzanne Hastie

Suzanne Hastie, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC  is a registered dance/movement therapist and licensed professional counselor. Suzanne has been working with children, adolescents, women and families since 1989. She also did group work with geriatric women in movement and performance in the Lehigh Valley from 1997 to 2011. She has a body-centered counseling practice utilizing movement and the creative arts.

In addition to working as a therapist, Suzanne teaches courses on the Kestenberg Movement Profile (a psychological & personality assessment based entirely on the nonverbal) at Drexel University and for alternate route dance/movement therapy students. She is also a Certified PQAS instructor, able to provide training to childcare providers in PA. She has written a chapter on the Kestenberg Movement Profile in Creative Arts Therapies Manual: A Guide to the History, Theoretical Approaches, Assessment, and Work with Special Populations of Art, Play, Dance, Music, Drama, and Poetry Therapies.

It was Suzanne’s deep love of dance and the arts (she is trained in ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance and piano) coupled with her studies in psychology that led to her graduate training in dance/movement therapy and counseling psychology. However, more importantly, it was her personal experience of illness (diagnosed with a pituitary tumor at 19), neurosurgery and the physical/emotional healing that followed that gave her the profound understanding of the body/mind connection and it’s vital role in healing.

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