TRUE HEALING For Your Aching Back

TRUE HEALING For Your Aching Back

TRUE HEALING for Your Aching Back

Betsy Wetzig, BA, CCPT

A while back, my client Bernice sent this message in an e-mail. “Last night I sat on a straight, wooden office chair. My left trap (muscle that stabilizes the shoulder and protects the neck) was screaming. I tried to sit back, forward, and anywhere in the middle. There was no let up! It went away when the concert was over and I got up. Do I also need to learn how to sit?”

Yes, Yes, Yes… The light bulb went on!  A major cause of pain and injury is the WAY people move, as in; sitting, walking, and standing. Bernice finally heard me and connected the dots. She had used massage, good eating habits, doctors, medicine/salves for pain, and even exercises from therapy. The good news, they made her feel better for a while, but unfortunately the chronic pains came back.  Stress seemed to play a major role. Why did stress make it worse?

How can you get to the core of the problem and change?  

The causes of your body not moving correctly are your “habits of movement.”  Most of the time, we are not even aware these habits are working. They function like an auto-pilot.

In fact, we have the possibility of two auto-pilots:

  1. Ergonomic Auto-Pilot (designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use)
  2. Coping Auto-Pilot (mechanisms for survival)

The way you handle stress tightens your joints, or braces your body. Organized by your Coping Auto-Pilot, this stress reaction is easily habituated and becomes something we use 24/7 or it gets stronger in times of aggravated stress. Some people in their 60’s still “march in the band with their shoulders too far back” as they walk, even though their last band practice was 40 years ago. Your Coping Auto-Pilot is about survival, or perhaps mis-training, but most of its habits are meant to be just for the short run.

You can get the Ergonomic Auto-Pilot to function most of the time, and the Coping Auto-Pilot just for survival times and special occasions with COORDINATION PATTERNS™ & DYNAMICS TRAINING. This training is what made Bernice finally aware of the true cause of her movement problems and the tools to fix them.  Based on the research of kinesiologists, Dr. Valerie Hunt, Dr. Josephine Rathbone, and others, this training functions at the core neurological level to improve both movement & mind!

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