Often, people find their purpose in life from some kind of pain they have experienced.

Hi! My name is Carolyn Reese and this is also my story! Post polio, spinal fusion, and a year of physical therapy, I was still in pain.

Then I found a practitioner, named Betsy, who taught me how to move in an easy, effortless way with simple mind/body awareness exercises. Occasionally, she sent me to other practitioners in the valley who she knew could address something that her work did not. Sure enough, over time I was walking with no pain. The integrative approach worked!

Another benefit was that these practitioners treat their patients without prescribing medicine to mask pain. Rather, we worked together to overcome what was causing the pain.


The Vision

One day, after having a treatment by a referred practitioner, I said to Betsy, “you folks need to be under one roof.” I had known for some years that I wanted to have “a place” where people could come and rejuvenate in some manner. At that moment, my vision for Twin Ponds was born: A unique and comfortable center where practitioners could use the integrative approach for natural health and life style changes! “

It took over a year to find the right property, one that is convenient, yet quiet and peaceful – a building for the health and happiness of everyone according to Sthapatya Veda, the ancient knowledge of ideal housing in harmony with Natural Law. My love of the southwest allowed me to create a décor that is warm and inviting. The property and homey atmosphere have a relaxing effect and those who come, do notice.

The Gathering

“Build it and they will come,” the saying goes. I did and they came – more than 25 highly trained, insightful, and supportive alternative health practitioners under one roof working together for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness of others.


Every day people tell me how thankful they are for having a place such as this available to them. I am also thankful because I continue to benefit from the integrative approach of alternative medicine. However, my greatest blessing is realizing my dream, my purpose in life, and sharing it with others at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center – one place for natural health and lifestyle changes.

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