Well-being in Close Quarters

Well-being in Close Quarters

In Challenging Times of Crisis

by Betsy Wetzig, BA, CCPT

Even one person by themself can feel stifled by staying in for two weeks or more.  How big a space you are in and the human desire to be in a variety of spaces is important. Another issue is how we each use time. Finally, there is the problem of how we interact with others.

Our styles of functioning and personality types have a great deal to do with how we cope. All behavior is both physical and mental and we are all different. For instance, we each have different space and time needs. In my DNA, training as a dancer, cultural family background, and extroversion, there is a need for: (1. a lot of space with a great deal of random stuff around and (2. lots of interaction.  I also need my time to be flexible. Too much organization and rigidity of schedule drives me nuts, i.e. a high tension, stress state.

Many people are just the opposite. They need clear, confined space and if introverted a lot of time to themselves. They may need a very fixed schedule. There are many variations of use of space and time.

Now is a great time to think about your space/time needs.

  • Does your body use a lot of space or do you hold yourself together?
  • Are you an introvert (dealing with the environment and information as it comes into you)
  • Or extravert? (dealing with your environment and information as an outward function)
  • How much time and when do you need to be by yourself?
  • What kind of schedule makes you comfortable?
  • Does a neat clear space make you feel good?
  • Do you prefer the “lived in” look and feel?
  • What is your most comfortable personal space?

When you are in a confined space for a long time with others, your time/space needs can become a problem.  If these are not understood and discussed, they can cause a great deal of friction.  For everyone there will be occasional friction…lol.  But, understanding your needs and sharing these with others can prevent friction or at least help keep the volume down!

The answer is to understand and discuss your space / time needs and those of others. Be graceful to others for there will be occasional friction for everyone.

Hope this helps:  Wiggle, Giggle and Play 3 times a day!

 Betsy Wetzig, Founding Director of Coordination Pattern® Training and Dynamics and author of “Move for Greatness: Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader”