Chiropractic Care: Eliminate Pain…Restore Quality of Life

Chiropractic Care: Eliminate Pain…Restore Quality of Life

I had a patient come in a couple months ago with significant low back and right elbow pain.  Originally he injured himself about a year ago while pushing a wheelbarrow load of wet concrete mix in his back yard.  He slipped and fell, dumped the concrete all over the grass, wrenched his back and hurt his right elbow in the process.

At the time, he was living in North Carolina and went to a local Chiropractor for help.  With treatment, his low back was improving, but he wasn’t getting results with his elbow and continued to live with pain.  Not long after his fall, he and his family moved to this area and his symptoms and pain got worse again.

He tried several other Chiropractors in this area, but wasn’t satisfied with the way he was being adjusted and with the results he was getting.  He started up as a new patient in my office and after the first treatment, was amazed with how much better he felt.

I started him at two treatments per week and was quickly able to taper him down to one treatment every other week.  After about eight treatments, he is virtually pain free. He is so pleased with his progress that he will be bringing in his wife and four children for wellness care.

As a doctor of Chiropractic, I derive a great psychological income by helping a patient enjoy a greater quality of life.  When a patient is happy enough, satisfied enough, and trusts me enough to refer their spouse and children, it’s the greatest compliment I can receive.  That’s what makes practicing the art of Chiropractic truly worthwhile.

by: Dr. Tom Wachtmann, DC, Chiropractic, Functional Diagnostic Medicine,                                     Neurologically Focused Treatments  (incl. Non Surgical Spinal Decompression)

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