Elizabeth (Betsy) Wetzig

Elizabeth (Betsy) Wetzig, BA, CCPT is a movement researcher, choreographer, educator, dancer, and author. She is the originator and director of Coordination Pattern™ “Breakthru” Training, and Full Potential Learning.

Through Betsy’s work, Coordination Pattern™ Training is now utilized and taught internationally by herself and others, including  organizations such as:

  • The global social movement, InterPlay®
  • Leadership training programs, Women Zenith Program of   Empowered LLC and Focused Leadership™
  • The movement practice program, Bodies Mind Program of Study
  • Dr. Marcia McFee’s “Elevation” Worship Workshops

Her book, co-authored with Dr. Ginny Whitelaw, is Move to Greatness: Four Essential Energies for Whole and Balanced Leadership.  Betsy’s work is also included in:

  • Mirka Knaster’s book, Discovering the Body’s Wisdom,
  • Constance Schrader’s book, A Sense Of Dance: Exploring Your Movement Potential
  • Anne Gilbert’s book, Brain-Compatible Dance Education papers.
  • She also created the DVD, Coordination Pattern Training in the Service of Tai Chi, with Bill Newman.

A professional dancer and choreographer in New York (1962-80), Betsy directed both the Wetzig Dance Company and Sound-Shapes, an improvisational group of musicians and dancers; and taught at Upsala College NJ (1968-82) and Cedar Crest College, PA (1988-99).

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