Living Better

5-Day Detox for Beginners: $97 value
Has your skin been acting up? Do you wish you had more energy to make it through the day instead of crashing mid-afternoon? Do you find yourself craving sugar, carbs, and other junk food? Feel Better and Have More Energy, Without Giving Up Real Food!
Call: Christina Moyes, BFA, CHHC | Super Simple Healthy, 610-704-8083 | Follow on Facebook & Instagram @SuperSimpleHealthy 

Coordination Pattern™ & Dynamics Training: $75/6 classes
Move Younger, Move Healthier, Be Better: Movement analysis and corrective exercises will help improve vitality, avoid pain and injury. Learn new skills for living!
Call: Betsy Wetzig, BA, CCPT | Coordination Pattern™ & Dynamics Training, 610-398-9652

Reiki Treatment: $75/1 hour treatment
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Performed over clothing using very light touch.
Call: Rosanna Ruffing, CMT, NCBTMB | Enlightened Touch Reiki, 484-602-7694 

Intuitive Energy Healing: $85/ treatment
Intuitive Energy Healing is the collective combination of several modalities known as ‘energy work.’  Working on an energetic level opens pathways within our physical body and also invites the privilege of understanding more about ourselves. Intuitive energy healing gives us insights and clarity as to why we make our choices or what may be holding us into patterns that are no longer useful and inhibiting us from living our fullest potentiality.
Call: Diane DuPré | Intuitive Energy Healer, 484-719-2560

Naturopathic Herbal Consultation $70/1 hour session
Naturopathic Herbal Services help with preventive care, healthy nutrition and bringing the body back to optimum health. Naturopathic medicine concentrates on whole-person wellness and blends ancient and traditional therapies for wellness and healing. A consult includes taking a health history, food consumption and temperament analysis to determine the underlying cause of disease and imbalance.
Call: Pari Ansary, Call DNHM, CA | Pure Earth Healing, 484-891-1196

Food & Nutrition: “Small Changes, Big Results”: $60/private class
Learn how to feel better, healthier and lighter simply by changing a few eating habits and lifestyle routines. Discover how spices (even just a little!) help your body digest the food and absorb the nutrients you are consuming.
Call: Michelle Costantini, BA, ALC, ATNC | Healthy Concepts, 720-745-3453

Feldenkrais® Method of Movement: $75/6 classes
The mind / body connection is so powerful that if you close your eyes and visualize your body slowly moving a certain way, the results are the same as if you had actually moved your body. In this class, you can move or visualize to feel taller, lighter, breathe more freely, and find that at the end of class your discomforts have eased.
Call: Carol Siddiqi, BS, GCFP, RYT | The Feldenkrais® Method, 610-683-3406

Package Total $537