Matthew Asti

Matt Asti, Certified YogaVoice® Teacher

Matthew Asti is a certified YogaVoice® teacher, reiki master, hatha yoga instructor, and
professional musician. At the young age of 18 Matthew began his reiki studies that would propel him into the world of spirituality in a huge way. With his teacher Diane Dupre’s guidance his studies of chakras and music began to take shape as he studied jazz in the United Kingdom alongside incredible teachers and musicians at the Leeds College of Music.

Upon returning to America with a reiki master attunement and a cultivated artistic sensitivity, his private music students began to benefit from the knowledge of how energy, intention, body, mind, and spirit all culminate in the way the voice expresses in an individual. This study is YogaVoice® and was founded by a renowned vocalist and yoga teacher, Mark Moliterno.

Matthew became YogaVoice® certified in August of 2017 and quickly attained a general yoga certification from the YogaLife institute in October of 2018 while continuing his energetic studies in mysticism through the teachings of Thomas Huebl.
Now a resident of the Lehigh Valley, Matthew uses his knowledge and experience to help all of his clients release energetic blocks, sing freely, speak up for themselves, and attain spiritual growth with the power of their own voices.


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