Neck Pain to No Pain – All Gain

Neck Pain to No Pain – All Gain

with Coordination Pattern™ Breakthru Training

Gail’s neck pain always got worse when she was stressed out, but it usually showed up as a stiff neck when she woke up.  Of course there were those times when she just turned her head a certain way.  The pain would come and go.

She had had massage and other body work, but it always returned.  Sometimes nothing would help, she just had to endure it, but when she took Betsy Wetzig’s “Walking Workshop,” Gail was not thinking about her neck.   After all, what would walking have to do with neck pain, and how she handled stress?  However in the first 20 minutes of the “Walking Workshop” the neck pains were on their way out of Gail’s life.

Why?  How did she get rid of these “mistakes” and the pains forever?

Gail was pulling her shoulders back and had poor body alignment. Why did Gail do this? Her Coordination Patterns were not working correctly. At this workshop, she learned 4 basic Coordination Pattern exercises that improved the way she moved resulting in correct alignment of her body. Do people understand what alignment really is? Correct alignment equals correct movement of the head. Voila, Gail’s neck pain left for good and her walk was improved as well.

Betsy Wetzig, Originator of Coordination Pattern Breakthru Training

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