Relax & Restore

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and restoration with this perfect combination of care and service from a variety of experts in the field of holistic health.

Massage: $75/1 hour Swedish
Swedish massage is performed to relax the entire body and aid circulation. Performed with long gliding strokes, Swedish massage can reduce blood pressure and help with insomnia.
Call: Rosanna Ruffing, CMT, NCBTMB | Enlightened Touch Reiki, 484-602-7694

Effortless Meditation™ & Wellness Coaching: $199/2 sessions
An introduction to Effortless Meditation, a mental technique for stress relief, vibrant health and inner peace; and a Wellness Coaching session that identifies steps you can take to bring balance to your life.
Call: Greg Schweitzer, MBA, D.Ay. | Stress Reduction Resources, 610-670-6700 | Follow on Facebook @Stress Reduction Resources

Himalayan Therapeutic Salt Cave: $75/3 45 min. sessions     Experience the therapeutic benefits of relaxation and find relief from asthma, allergies, sinus congestion, bronchitis, COPD, and so much more!
Call: Linda Printz, LMT | Salt of the Earth Massage Therapy & Himalayan Salt Cave, 484-955-7306

Vibroacoustic Chair, Sound Relaxation: $175/3 vibroacoustic chair sessions & assessment
Imagine sitting comfortably in a chair that vibrates your whole body. The multi-layered sounds you hear and feel, as well as the light patterns you see with special glasses, take your brain and central nervous system into a deeply relaxed healing state that helps with stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, pain, memory and more.
Call: Meg Deak, MCAT, LPC | Life Rhythms, 610-504-4830

Aroma Therapy: $75/1 hour session
One on one consultation to address a health concern; includes a personalized blend of essential oils to help support your health and wellness in a gentle yet effective manner.
Call: Suzanne Stout, BS, CAT | The Aroma Girl, 484-560-8454 | Follow on Facebook @TheAromaGirl1

Yin Yoga: $88/8 classes
Embrace the balance of effort and surrender in gently supported poses. Learn deep breathing to release tension and support feelings of relaxation.
Call: Karen Klubertanz, BS, RYT500, IAYT | Five Paths Yoga, 484-554-4601

Total Package Fee: $619
(A $687 Value!)