Relaxation Skills and Stress Management

Relaxation Skills and Stress Management

Susan was looking for what? Her friend signed her up for a yoga workshop, but it was canceled.  All she knew was that she just wanted to relax, learn a bit and take some time for herself. However, The “Self and Joy” Renewal Retreat” was running at Twin Ponds Center where Betsy Wetzig does her Coordination Pattern Training.  The flyer said, “Enjoy fun, play, food/cooking, music… along with mind-movement understanding.”, so why not give it a try?

On the first night, as the group was making the English Tea, Susan realized that what she really wanted was to break out of the behaviors which were holding her back at work.  This change was going to be so fundamental.  Already, she was getting a core understanding of how she functioned and how other people were different from her.  So when she filled out and discussed Betsy’s handouts on Family Styles and Types, she saw how some of her “restricting” habits were learned in her family and culture while others were just her personal reactions to stress.  A light bulb was going off, “I can change!”

Overnight she glanced through Betsy’s book, Moves to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader.  The section on Swing /Collaborator/Leadership weaknesses really hit a cord.

By Saturday, as they made lunch, Susan was already using her new creativity and communication skills, learned just that morning.  Who would have thought her plate of vegetables…. as she is a person who always has to be “Correct and Proper”…. would win the “Most Humorous” award.  Although it was, as Betsy pointed out, still wonderfully placed and orderly.

Later, as the group made and enjoyed the pasta dinner, Susan was fully on board with her new leadership skills.  She had actually experienced how the Coordination Pattern™ Breakthru Training exercises opened up her movement and most surprisingly, her mind; how they allowed her to literally  “Swing”  into her interactive and playful self which had so long been ignored and pushed down. She told Betsy, “I can hardly wait to lead my next team meeting at work.  I used to dread them.  Now I can enjoy and use my team members’ ways of functioning instead of trying to control and organize them into little copies of me…… I’m wondering what George’s reaction will be when I start enjoying his stories and jokes instead of giving him a dirty look to keep him on task.  It makes me laugh just to think of it.”

Susan was so thrilled with what she learned at this workshop that she signed up to attend the weekly classes.  She knew that this Coordination Pattern™ “Breakthru” Training helped  her to breakthrough to  a new,  improved, level of leadership and life.

By Betsy Wetzig,  Originator of Coordination Pattern Breakthru Training and Full Potential Learning

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