YogaVoice® is a unique, 21st Century pedagogical approach to understanding and embodying vocal and artistic wellness. YogaVoice® training endeavors to develop the Self-awareness that leads to clear and honest Self-expression. In some cases, YogaVoice® practitioners have experienced their authentic voices for the very first time.

​YogaVoice® was developed and founded by Mark Moliterno over a lifetime of Yoga study, practice, and exploration in the context of his life as a professional singer, voice instructor, yoga teacher and yoga therapist. YogaVoice® is taught in individual lessons, group seminars, intensives, and on retreats. It is also a beneficial therapeutic modality for people recovering from voice injury or stress-based disorders.

Conditions supported by Therapeutic YogaVoice® include:

  • Voice/Laryngeal Injuries or Disorders
  • Communication Skills/Self Expression
  • Singing/Chanting
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Work/Career Development
  • Stress Management
  • Back Pain
  • Body Image and Awareness
  • Relationships
  • Weight Loss
  • Eating and Digestive Disorders
  • Energy Imbalances
  • Asthma and Other Respiratory Ailments
  • Hypertension
  • Concentration & Productivity

How YogaVoice® works

Aspects of vocal technique as well as the human energy system are explored in relationship to 7 points along your body. By doing gentle yoga poses that open, strengthen, and explore those parts, your voice begins to reflect those changes with a more authentic sound. Certain vocal exercises from India combined with the technique of italian opera singing stimulate the body in tandem with the poses often leading to huge insights about your voice, your body, and life as a whole.


  • 60 minute YogaVoice® session $75 : Release energetic blocks, learn proper vocal technique, repair vocal injuries, gain and strengthen your ability to stand up for yourself.
  • 120 minute YogaVoice® group workshop $30 : Learn the basics of YogaVoice® with your peers in a safe and supportive environment. Check our calendar for our upcoming workshops.


“What a beautiful way to find your voice. Matt has a peace and guidance about him that sets the stage for YogaVoice. His direction is kind and loving and easy to follow. What an enriching experience. I will continue will Matt’s classes.”
-Judy Wells

“Having studied YogaVoice under Matt Asti, I can say there has been so much improvement which includes range, quality and clarity, breath control, and strength of voice.”
-Elaine Woltemate

“Matt Asti’s YogaVoice is one of the most life-altering programs I have ever attended. The
workshop was profoundly informative and great fun! After each workshop, I found an amazing level of energy within my body along with very strong sense of grounding. Matt is highly skilled and deeply intuitive as he loving guides each one into a renewed space within. I highly recommend his program for everyone!”
-Diane DuPre

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