BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE (Kripalu Yoga), Carol Siddiqi

This class will help you perform daily activities pain free and with greater ease by developing deeper self-awareness using the basics of yoga combined with the gentle movements of Feldenkrais.

FOUNDATIONS OF YOGA IYENGAR (mixed levels), Diana Erney

This class will build upon the preliminary poses with an emphasis on body alignment in order to develop strength, balance, and flexibility. Poses will be modified using props such as blocks and blankets to assist students as they seek to go deeper into each pose.

With regular practice you will:

  • Learn to move your body in an easier, more relaxed way
  • Develop strength, balance, and improved range of motion
  • Yoga has been scientifically demonstrated to have positive effects on:  anxiety, depression, back pain, menopausal symptoms, asthma, fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Yoga is an ancient practice designed to bring balance to the physical body as well as the mind


  • Eat lightly before class
  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring your own mat (for sanitary purposes)
  • Leave phones, coats, etc. in coat room
  • Alert Instructor of any MEDICAL CONDITIONS: pregnancy (need note from doctor), surgeries, heart problems, etc. ) – or NEEDS (such as not wanting to be touched)
  • If you’re late for class, please be respectful of the other students by being quiet and waiting for the appropriate time to find a place
  • Avoid leaving class early, but if you need to, take time to relax


Diana Erney, MLIS, CYT – Call 610.509.3677 for information

Carol Siddiqi, GCFP, RYT – Call 610.618.0467 for informtion